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Salutations! I am an artist who predominantly draws their original characters. All of my work is done using a Huion Kamvas GT-191 & CSP.Artist, craftsman, and weapon enthusiast. Ask me about playing cards, or military theory. I enjoy placing my characters in landscapes.


Please read my Terms of Service (TOS), and the extra information below before commissioning me.There are no proper time frames for my commissions at the moment. They are opened spontaneously.
So keep an eye out!
Commission Status [CLOSED]

Regular Style

Fullbody of Character/s, in flat color or with shading.Flat color offers the option of a unique color palette (see image 3 + 4). These (usually vibrant) colors are mainly picked by me, but if you have a specific palette in mind just let me know. For more examples, view my social media profile.

Full body 
Flat colored$60
Regular shading$70
Extra props+ $5 - 20
Additional Character+ base price

Painted Style

Painted portrait or waist-up with a simple background.Only available colored, not monochrome.

Painted Style 
Extra props+ $10 - 30

Extra Information

  • Original Characters

  • Fanart (depends)

  • Pairings

  • Weapons

  • Real people

  • Anthro/Furries

  • Animals

  • Hate speech/offensive material

  • NSFW/Gore (light nsfw/gore is okay)

Prices for extra props warrant based on complexity. In general, if a design is overly-detailed I may charge extra.Please look at my gallery via social media for subjects I am comfortable with.

If you are interested in commissioning me, please look at the ordering process down below. Thank you!

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms.

  • I have the right to decline a commission for any reason such as complexity or subject matter that I am uncomfortable with.

  • Payment is through PayPal ONLY.

  • Commissioners are required to send a confirmation screenshot of the payment. *

  • Commissions are non-refundable after the payment has been completed.

  • I will begin your commission after I have received the payment.

  • Commissions are for PERSONAL use only. I retain the rights to every image I produce. Do not profit, claim or use my work for AI or as an NFT. I will haunt you.

  • Commercial use is strictly prohibited.

  • Commissioners may use their commission on social media as long as credit is given.

  • Commissions are typically completed within 1-4 weeks. I will contact you if anything has come up to delay your commission.

  • A progress sketch will be sent before any further completion. During this stage, please let me know of any revisions. I will not be able to revise your commission after it has been completed.

  • Please be upfront about changes when I ask. If you suddenly have a lot of corrections at the end, I may charge to go back and redo the parts of the piece.

* My currency is Euro and not USD. Hence, I prefer having a screenshot of the payment.

Ordering Process

You will have to fill out the uploaded google form.I will inform you within 24 hours if I accept your commission. If accepted, I will message you via Twitter or Instagram about both payment and discussing further details.

Order Form Example

  • Commission Type: (Regular, Painted ...)

  • References: (Please provide clear and colored references of the character(s) requested.)

  • Character Description: (Brief introduction of the character(s) provided, i.e. name & personality.)

  • Pose/Expression: (Provide specific references if necessary, if not, I will use my creative freedom.)

  • Extras: (Any extra details for the commission. Additional requests such as props & backgrounds can be discussed here.)